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Help raise $22,500 for OvaryIt

“We are excited to team with The Blue Marble and an amazing artist to shine a light on domestic violence and human-trafficking. These funds will get individuals access to vital care.”
Mary Kucek - Founder and CEO of OvaryIt

3 NFTs combining art, utility and meaning

This is not your run-of-the-mill NFT Collection. No, this is far greater with a larger impact. The Hidden Faces of Domestic Violence collection is symbolic of those who must hide in plain sight for their safety.

Silhouette01 ($1,000 each)

Only 12 issued - super rare including a printed copy of the artwork - Support OvaryIt.

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Silhouette02 ($250 each)

Only 38 issued - includes membership and educational content access - Support OvaryIt

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Silhouette03 ($35 each)

Only 100 issued - supporting OvaryIt with beautiful digital Sir Cheesely art - Support OvaryIt

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90% of the funds for the NFT sale goes directly to the OvaryIt Foundation, the remaining 10% goes to the amazing Sir Cheesely (artist) and The Blue Marble.

NFTs that protect buyers

We work hard to find the best NFT purchases for you. Our mission is to find impact investments that support people and planet.

Long term value

A curated, hand-held approach to help you publish your work as tradable NFTs

Flexible royalties

Split royalties on first and future trades between you and the charity you support

A green blockchain

We use Stellar where a transaction uses less energy than a Visa transaction

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