Help raise $22,500 for OvaryIt

“We are excited to team with The Blue Marble and an amazing artist to shine a light on domestic violence and human-trafficking. These funds will get individuals access to vital care.”
Mary Kucek - Founder and CEO of OvaryIt

3 NFTs combining art, utility and meaning

This is not your run-of-the-mill NFT Collection. No, this is far greater with a larger impact. The Hidden Faces of Domestic Violence collection is symbolic of those who must hide in plain sight for their safety.

Silhouette01 ($1,000 each)

Only 12 issued - super rare including a printed copy of the artwork - Support OvaryIt.

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Silhouette02 ($250 each)

Only 38 issued - includes membership and educational content access - Support OvaryIt

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Silhouette03 ($35 each)

Only 100 issued - supporting OvaryIt with beautiful digital Sir Cheesely art - Support OvaryIt

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90% of the funds for the NFT sale goes directly to the OvaryIt Foundation, the remaining 10% goes to the amazing Sir Cheesely (artist) and The Blue Marble.

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